Axim Remote Studio System

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Streams high quality audio and video with minimum latency

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Broadcasters with Experts and Commentators
News Rooms to Reporters
Teachers with Students
Vloggers with Followers
Local Government with Constituents
Sports Clubs with Fans
Companies with Investors and Customers

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Axim is a high quality remote studio system delivering streaming video and audio over standard internet with minimal latency and low packet loss in industry standard H.264 and NDI®.

It can be used for live broadcast at the quality levels expected by the most demanding broadcasters and is equally at home streaming to social media, customers, fans, investors or followers. An intuitive PC interface allows you to take complete control of the studio. Alternatively, you can hand the reigns to the broadcaster or production team you’re working with or outsource the process to one of our partner companies.

Available as a compact portable that will fit in an overhead locker or an office-based system that allows you to add logo’s and scrolling text to your streams.

8 user definable pre-sets that allow recall of everything from stand height, camera settings, lighting, zoom and focus, together with two industry standard IP telephone lines allowing production instructions to be fed to you before, during and after production makes Axim as professional and flexible as being in a fully staffed studio. 


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Choice of 5 models

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Portable H.264
Portable NDI®
Office H.264
Office NDI®
Office Pro

NDI® Compatible portable brings full control to remote offices, subsidiaries or even the chairmans office.

The Portable H.264 system give an industry standard h.264 stream, allowing you to update buletins on the go. 

Connect, Set and Forget, perfect for offices or busy dealing rooms, the office NDI® system integrates to your existing NDI® network in an instant

Perfect for busy corporate offices where interviews are demanded at short notice. Walk up, earpiece in, mic on and your good to go to any broadcaster anywhere.

The best of all worlds, NDI®, H.264, use NDI® for office productions, H.264 for broadacst, includes branding, scrolling text, lighting and much more.

Intuitive Control

An intuitive PC interface is all you need to take complete control of the studio. Alternatively, you can hand the reigns to the broadcaster or production team you’re working with or outsource the process to one of our partner companies.

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NDI® is a flexible and versatile video distribution standard allowing multiple NDI® enabled products to send and recieve high quality, low latency, frame-accurate video over standard Gigabit networks. 

Secure Reliable Transport

Developed by Haivision Secure Reliable Transport (SRT) is a UDP-based transport technology that helps compensate for jitter and bandwidth fluctuations due to congestion over noisy networks. The SRT error recovery mechanism minimizes the packet loss typical of Internet connections and optimizes streaming performance across unpredictable networks, it is designed to deliver the best quality and lowest latency video at all times.

The SRT Alliance is an organisation which helps spread the implimentation and use of SRT. The Alliance success is such that SRT has become recognised as a standard in transporting low loss video across the internet and across networks. The SRT Alliance was founded jointly by Haivision and Wowza and brings together industry leaders such as Erricson, Brightcove, Dacast and, of course, Microvideo.  

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Built-in Firewall

Connecting from your network to the outside world can bring a miriad of issues. The Axim Studio has built in firewall protection giving system security and your peace of mind.

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Full Audio Routing

The Axim Studio has a wide array of audio devices available, Mic's, headsets, sip phones, and 2 of 16 decoded audio channels plus test tones, it could all get very confusing.

The Axim audio control panel, included within the user interface, makes light work of routing and controlling the audio signals. VU meters, slider controls (with fine adjustment +/-) and mute for each source, means you only control the audio needed at that time. A simple point and click, colour coded matrix allows you to connect and source to any output device.

Social Media

Social Media has transformed they way we work, the way we communicate and the way we buy and sell. Corporations, Broadcasters, Sports Clubs, Local and National Governments are only just begining to realise if your not connecting with your customers, audience, fans and constituents, then someone else will be.

With The Axim Studio, connecting is as simple as click, enter your account details, watch the countdown and go! 

For complete peace of mind, access to Social media can of course be controlled from the administration page.

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Lighting Control

DMX (Digital Multiplex) is a standard for digital communication networks that are commonly used to control lighting. 

The Axim DMX controller allows 5 'fixtures' (lights to you and me) and 5 'scenes' (pre-sets) which can be bought in independently or through the user pre-sets which also incorporate stand height and many other settings.

Dual SIPs

IFB is an intercom system that is sent to an earpiece worn by talent (audio that is being "fed back" to talent) that can be interrupted and replaced by a television producer's or director's intercom microphone. On a television news program for example, a producer can talk to the news anchors, to tell them when they are live on the air and when to begin reading off the script on the teleprompter or cue cards.

The Axim Studio gives two independant SIP lines to provide for IFB
Axim studio provides 

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Branding and Scrolling Text

Add Proffesional graphics (still on animated) and ticker tape displays to enhance your broadcast and reinforce your message. 


Axim Studios fit seamlessly into your work and into your workflow. Broadcaster using h.264, Corporate using NDI®, Sports club using Social Media it all works flawlessly.

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Return Video

Picture in Picture, View finder, studio feed. Whatever your preference the built in display on the Portable or the monitor on the Office system provides either a confidence feed for the talent of a studio feed if prefered. Either feed can be full screen or displayed as a picture in picture with the other feed talking full screen.